Sexual Abuse has never been the best solution to satisfying human desire

I was just 13 when I was sexually abused by this 20-year-old lady. I was in form 3, went for third term holidays at Kona. There was this lady who happened to be 20 who always liked playing with me, at times she will show me her breast and ask I touch. One faithful afternoon, she lured me into their sitting room, she was putting on a dress, locally call Kaba. She had no underwear on. she removed my trousers. Played with my private part then lifted up her dress and sat on me. She was on me doing up and down movements until someone called her while approaching the house. She jumped and lifted up my trouser. When I left from there, I went and told my friends what happened and they laughed at me, jubilating while telling me I had just been made a man. I felt empty and disgusted. I abstained till about 8 years later when I thought I was ready to give it a try again. Each time I happen to think of that incident, I feel really dirty. I am not sharing this because I need help, I am fine. I just want to share my story because I feel like there are men out there who've been sexually violated too but we never hear about it.

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3 years ago

Thank you for opening up.